My customers say …

“I am more than satisfied with my web site which Eva has created for me. She is responsive to my thoughts and brings many new ideas and precious feedback.

Thanks to Eva’s efforts, my web site now reflects the feeling I want to convey in an extraordinary way. She makes quick changes of the site as soon as I have new information to present.

I warmly recommend Kindbo AB!”

“I contacted Eva at Kindbo right after I had started my company ELAXIS and wanted my new website. I was advised to contact Eva since she has great experience medical communication and marketing in particular. Eva has guided me all the way in this “business jungle” in a simple and humble way and showed me how a website could help me and my business to become visible in the marketplace.

We have had a fantastic collaboration along the way. I feel that the website really became “mine” and exactly the way I imagined it. Eva has also been a perfect source of knowledge for me when it comes to other social media, which is an area where I’m still in the early days.”

“Being a newly started consultant Eva helped me with both the logotype and the website for my company. Eva is very knowledgeable in the area and could easily understand my business concept. She developed a logotype that feels absolutely right for my company and I am very satisfied with the website. Eva works fast, is creative and takes her assignment with great commitment. I have received very positive feedback on my website and can highly recommend her.”

“Thank you, Eva, for creating a good looking and professional website for LINUSE and for giving me the tool for updating and keeping it alive.
The journey has been really exiting. I’ve been coached by a firm hand and in a most personal, warm and careful manner. You have given me a feeling of involvement in every part through the project. Inspired from your ideas and propositions, I could participate in creating a web site for my newly started business.
(I’m extremely grateful and super proud of both our collaboration and the results thereof.) A thousand thanks!”

“My website is a vital tool in the sales process, so it was natural to me to have Eva build Eva helped me choose the appropriate theme, create the overall design, choose and customize images and adding texts.

Eva is very creative, seeing new opportunities and she also has educational skills, which means that it is possible to take over the maintenance and updates of the webiste on your own.

Eva was responsive to me as a customer and to my needs during the process. She made sure that I would understand what was done. I felt confident the whole time that Eva focused on what was best for me and my brand.

I have also received great support after the website was completed.”

”Thank you Eva for making my website so tasteful and appealing. The work was fast, easy and it has been fun working with you. You have giving me several good tips, images and ideas. I am very proud of my new website that we have created together.

Now I can market my services professionally. In the work of a moment, you created a beautiful logo that matches the website’s colors and structure. Thank you Eva, you are truly a professional at what you do! “