Ewa Bazarnicka is the owner of LINUSE. She offers carefully tailored language training to individuals and businesses online. Ewa is fascinated by languages ​​and cultures and have been studying them herself for most of her life. In LINUSE her intention is to give you the opportunities and conditions necessary to use and learn a new language in a fun and communicative way.
Facebook: LINUSE

My assignment

I have developed a bilingual website and processed and matched most of the images. The site is adapted to mobile, tablet and computer.

I have also made the Facebook Page. We are also continuing our discussions regarding the marketing of LINUSE.

Said by Ewa

“Thank you  Eva, for creating a good looking and professional website for LINUSE and for giving me the tool for updating and keeping it alive.
The journey has been really exiting. I’ve been coached by a firm hand and in a most personal, warm and careful manner. You have given me a feeling of involvement in every part through the project. Inspired from your ideas and propositions, I could participate in creating a website for my newly started business.
(I’m extremely grateful and super proud of both our collaboration and the results thereof.) A thousand thanks!”