Marketing Challange – Interview with Johanna Isberg

In my work, I often meet glorious entrepreneurs that are just starting up or who are already running a business. They have interesting stories and exciting products and it is a privilege to follow their path on the market.

I will interview some of them here on my blog. First up is Johanna Isberg who invented a clever tool for the interpretation of electrocardiograms.

Elaxis Compass and AppWhy did you start your company?

“In my daily work in a clinical trial unit I interpret electrocardiograms (ECGs) to find warnings of heart disease. This is not an easy task and it takes a lot of training to see what is actually there. One of the things that physicians and nurses often find difficult is to determine the electrical axis of the ECG (the electrical axis could for instance tell if the heart is enlarged).

So I started to think about finding some kind of tool that would make this interpretation much easier. And I finally did – I came up with ELAXIS (which means Electrical Axis). My first solution was in the format of a ELAXIS paper “Compass” and then I developed an ELAXIS APP.

During this developing time I decided to start a company with the same name as the product. This is really exciting and I am just in the beginning of my launching process.”

Who are your customers?

“Everybody that interprets an ECG i.e. physicians,  nurses  and other healthcare professionals.”

What are the benefits with your product?

“ELAXIS makes it easier for physicians to interpret the ECG and find abnormalities in the electrical axis. [tweet this] With this knowledge it is easier to find signs of enlargement of the heart, heart failure and even find mistakes in how the ECG measurement has been conducted.

An accurate interpretation of the ECG is one part that will help the patient get the optimal treatment. “[tweet this]

What are your challenges with ELAXIS?

“My biggest challenge is to get physicians and healthcare professionals to be aware that ELAXIS is available on App Store and how ELAXIS can benefit them in their daily work. And ultimately I want to sell the product of course.”

Did you find this interesting as well? Go here if you want to read more.

Now my question to you – Do you have any suggestions for Johanna on how to make physicians and healthcare professionals aware of her ELAXIS APP?

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