Be found by google - SEO

How you get Google to find you

… or how to search engine optimize your site.

To get high up in the search results on Google, you need to work conscientiously with keywords, titles, text content, captions, internal and external links, sitemap and more. Here are some tips to help you succeed. [tweet this]


concept of seoFigure out what keywords your most important customers are likely to use when they are searching for your services / products. Google Keywords Planner in Adwords can help you refine your keywords and pick out the words and phrases that occur most frequently and which best describe your business. Make use of those words when writing your text and everything else on the page. Ideally, the main keyword should appear in the domain name. If that is not possible you can create sub-pages where the word is listed. Each page of your website should be optimized for a specific keyword. This word must be unique to that particular page.





Use your keywords in the headings of each page. The headlines are usually divided into hierarchically – H1 headline is the most important.


A minimum of 300 words is recommended on each side. Try to include your keywords / key phrases frequently in the text.


Give images names that contain your search term / keyword. You can also add links to the images. Sometimes the viewing side of his computer set up so that no images are uploaded, then it is important to have a good name in the picture so that the reader still understands the context. The images on your site will also appear when people search images of you.


Put  a number of links to and from your site. Use good names on the links that also contain your keywords.

If you want more tips  read more in Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

These are a few tips from me. Do you have any?

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