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Get Traffic & Optimize Your Profile on Pinterest

My last post gave you a background to Pinterest for Personal or Business use. Do you have an Business account already? If not, maybe it’s time to creaet one? A Business account gives you several useful extra features and tools.

Here are some tips on how you can optimize your Business Profile on Pinterest and how to drive traffic to your blog or website.

Your Business Profile on Pinterest

To make your company or brand shine online you have to be consistent on the different platforms and use the same elements everywhere.  Then you increase your chances of getting found both by Google and customers.

  • use the same name on Pinterest as on all other platforms
  • insert a link to your website
  • give a brief description about your company using your keywords
  • use the same keywords on boards and pins when possible
  • pin and repin things that are in line with your business

Optimize Boards

Name your boards according to your keywords and the content you like to display. If possible, make the name stand out.

Choose a representative cover pin on each board, one that you think your followers/customers might like. Display your boards in the order of priority with the most important boards first.

A few personal boards can be OK, in order to let your customers know you better – but be picky and ideally only pin things that is in some way in line with your brand. For other personal stuff use private hidden boards or a personal account.

Optimize Pins

Pinterst for business (2)You can make it easy for customers to pin your content in different ways.

First of all you have to have nice images that people like to pin.

The image also have to be large enough  – a good size is 600-735 pixels wide. If you have an vertical oriented image that stand out it will make it even better.

One tip is to add a description on top of the image to let people get a hint about what the  blog post or webpage is about. These images also tend to increase repins.

Make sure it is easy to find a Pin It button close to things they might want to pin and why not add a Pin It button on all your images? This is how you do it.

When you pin and repin

To increase the value of a pin and to increase the possibility to get repinned be sure to give the pin a good description and add a link that leads to a good quality webpage with interesting content. That way you will get more followers and more engagement.

Pins that drive traffic

Which pins that drive traffic to your website and how fast that happens depend on the pin. If the pin represents an interesting or funny story, people might want to read more directly and click the link immediately.  Other pins, like an image of a beautiful scenery or tasty food may be pinned to a board for later reading or re-pinned – in those cases it can take time until the pinner clicks through for later reading.

Both types drive traffic but with a different speed.

Group boards

An effective way to get more followers and re-pins, is to invite people to a group board that you have created yourself or to find an open group board where you can pin your own stuff. To find a group board that fits your own purpose you can use the free tool “PinGroupie”.

Rich Pins for your webshop and business

This is Pinterest Rich Pins

An example of a Rich Pin Image

Pinterest users are there for the inspiration – and a lot of them are also ready to buy and you can make that it easy for them. So if you have a webshop or something to sell you don´t want to miss out on Pinterest.

One way to optimize your webshop pins is to use “Rich pins”. They are pins where you can add more information than regular pins. You can use Rich pins for product, movie, recipe, article and place.

This is what Rich pins can do

  • Add a price tag to your product
  • Include a map, address and phone number
  • Add a direct link to the actual item in your webshop
  • An Article Pin can include your headline, name of the author and a  description. Do you see the potential if you are a writer or publisher? Your readers can pin your book for later reading.
  • If you are into recipes you can use Recipe Pins and add ingredients and classifications like vegetarian, gluten free etc. That will increase the possibility for people to find your recipe when they search Pinterest.
  • The last type – the Movie Rich Pin – let you add content ratings, cast member and more.

To get started with Rich Pins there is some coding to do and you have to apply for it on Pinterest. Here is how it is done.

Promoted pins

Pinterest are only available in the US and for certain businesses at the moment. Maybe you have seen them already?
The difference from other pins is that they show up more often and have a Promoted pin label on them. They show up if you search in areas where they are available.
Since I am in Sweden I haven’t seen them around yet.

Pinterest Analytics

One feature with a Business account on Pinterest is Pinterest Analytics. There you can see how your pins are doing and get further insight to your customers and followers.

My Blog Guru – Delia Rusu

One person that gives me a lot of inspiration is the Blogging Guru, Delia Rusu. Even though I had been into Pinterest before, she inspired me to take Pinterest one step further with my company. Delia hosts free blog traffic challenges all year long, including for getting traffic from Pinterest. If you’re interested to sign up, go to and join today!


These were some of my Pinterest tips. Now it’s your turn. Do you have any special Pinterest tip you like to share?

14 replies
  1. Delia @ Happy Blogger Plaza
    Delia @ Happy Blogger Plaza says:

    Excellent tips, Eva, particularly the one about optimizing your profile. I see too many profiles on Pinterest with a description that doesn’t do any service to their owner because it does not say much about them or their business.

    And thanks so much for the mention, it’s a pleasure to help!

  2. Emily Wilke
    Emily Wilke says:

    Thanks Eva! I need to go back to my profile and make sure I have it optimized. I use Pinterest but not consistently, so I really need to work it into my marketing plan. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lianne Soller
    Lianne Soller says:

    This is great stuff! I have a pinterest biz account and have been using it a lot only the last week or so. I’m hoping it will bring over traffic to my website! I will look into getting the Pin it button for my pictures! Thanks!

  4. Vatsala Shukla
    Vatsala Shukla says:

    Thanks for the tips, Eva. I’m in the process of building Pinterest into my marketing plan for 2015. I love the new Pinterest analytics for providing insights that I don’t find elsewhere and the response time of the Pinterest Team for helping users is by far the best that I have experienced.. It is indeed a great site for increasing awareness of a business.

  5. Holly
    Holly says:

    Some great tips. Pinterest is by far my best traffic referrer and I find if I don’t repin my own stuff for a few days, my traffic will drop.

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