Fine free images online

How to find free images that say more than 1000 words

Did you know that a picture creates a feeling 60.000 times faster than text? With a nice image we can improve our chances to get the reader to continue reading…

Where do you go to find images for your blog and business? Many people just google for an image and use the first great image they find. That is however risky, since the vast majority of images are copyright protected.

However, if you know where to look there are many awesome image sources that let you use their amazing images completely free! Read more

Writing for the web - engage - keep it short and avoide pitfalls

How to write for the Web – Part 2

Engage, keep it short and avoid pitfalls

This is the second part of the art of writing for the web. In Part 1, I wrote about how the reader can quickly skim text on the web for something of interest, and that I only have about 3-4 seconds for me to catch the reader’s interest. In this part, I focus on engagement, language, text length, and how to avoid common pitfalls. Read more

Writing for the web - catch the reader in 3-5 seconds

How to write for the web – Part 1

Adjust to scan reading

Do I really have to write in a special way for the web?

The simple answer is  -YES!  The way people read the web is quite different from reading other media. The users are looking for information and will only give your site 3-4 seconds to find it before you lose them.  And the reader decides what is interesting, no one else. Read more

Fun at work - website for artist Yvonne Jensen

Fun at work – all the time!

I love helping small companies getting started, seeing them glow in the digital universe, finding their way to the customers. That  is a great rewarding feeling. I get to learn so much about other businesses. Mmm…

Do you recognize the feeling?

One person that made a big impression on me is the artist Yvonne Jensen. She makes such nice paintings. Yvonne gets her inspiration from color and shapes rather than from specific motives. She is mainly working in pastel, acrylic and watercolor, but like experimenting with new techniques. Read more

Be found by google - SEO

How you get Google to find you

… or how to search engine optimize your site.

To get high up in the search results on Google, you need to work conscientiously with keywords, titles, text content, captions, internal and external links, sitemap and more. Here are some tips to help you succeed. [tweet this] Read more