Pinterest Get Traffic and Optimize Your Profile

Get Traffic & Optimize Your Profile on Pinterest

My last post gave you a background to Pinterest for Personal or Business use. Do you have an Business account already? If not, maybe it’s time to creaet one? A Business account gives you several useful extra features and tools.

Here are some tips on how you can optimize your Business Profile on Pinterest and how to drive traffic to your blog or website. Read more

Pinterest for business and pleasure

Are you curious of Pinterest – for business and pleasure

You and 21 % of US internet users are on Pinterest. That is a 40% increase from the year before. The vast majority on Pinterest are women, they are of all age groups and the platform is growing strongly (Business insider). Pinterest is not as big in Europe yet, but it is growing there as well.

Pinterest comes in the 5-6th place amongst social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. And Pinterest is both fun and useful for your business.

You can find all kind of interesting things on Pinterest. A lot of DIY, fashion and health. But did you know that there are more than 2 million tech boards and 36 million tech pins on Pinterest (Pinterest blog)? Read more

Facebook - Personal Profile or Busines Page

At least 10 reasons for creating a Page for your Business

Business Page or Personal Profile – what’s the difference?

Sure, it is sometimes confusing and not entirely clear what distinguishes the Personal Profile from a Business Page on Facebook.

In this post I’ll try to sort things out so you know what to use for your business. Read more

Facebook - size of cover and profile image

Facebook Graphics – how you make a perfect fit

When it’s time to upload images to my business page I always have to look up the right sizes. Maybe it is the same for you?

One thing that I got wrong the first time was the size of my Profile Picture. I wanted to use my logo, but even when I made it 180 pixels wide it still looked really weird. So I learned that I had to fit my rectangular logo into a square box of the exact size of 180×180 pixels to make it look good.

From that time on I pay much more attention to sizes! Read more

Facebook - 3 tips to increase traffic

3 Tips on How to Increase Traffic to your Facebook Page

“To exist, you have to be seen.”

This is the truth for all businesses and the main reason for any business owner to make an effort to interact with customers in social media like Facebook. Everything we post on our fan pages are on the terms of the reader – unless the reader finds it interesting or fun, there will be no likes or interactions and we will remain invisible.

But writing interesting posts is quite hard work – don’t you agree? Read more