Facebook - Personal Profile or Busines Page

At least 10 reasons for creating a Page for your Business

Business Page or Personal Profile – what’s the difference?

Sure, it is sometimes confusing and not entirely clear what distinguishes the Personal Profile from a Business Page on Facebook.

In this post I’ll try to sort things out so you know what to use for your business.

Personal Profile

When you join Facebook, you must always create your personal account with details like your name and other credentials. The new account automatically makes a Profile for you with your name and the personal information you decide to show. The intention of Facebook is for Profiles to connect with friends in an non-commercial way. You can only create one Personal Profile with your account. However, with your account you are allowed to create multiple Pages (more info below) .

On your Profile you can decide who can see your posts. You can make public posts for all to see, or personal posts that only your friends can see. A person who is not your friend can follow your Profile, and thus see your public posts (By clicking the ” Follow” button located on your cover photo).

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t use your Personal Profile for your business.

Facebook Pages

Companies, organizations, brands and famous people can run  a Facebook Page (some people call them Fan Pages). There are similarities between a Profile and a Page, however there are a number of useful features linked to a Page. For example, you can choose any name, like your company name for your Page. Several people can administer a Page and help out posting without revealing who is actually contributing. However, everyone who administers a Page have to have their own Facebook account.

Other benefits of a business Page is that you can include a proper and comprehensive description about your business and include links to your website. Your Page is public and visible to everyone, and everyone can join in and like your Page in order to receive updates in their news feed. In addition you will get statistics on how effective your posts are, like information about reach, likes, comments and shares. Your business Page may also connect with unlimited number of fans (unlike your personal Profile).

10 reasons for creating a Business Page:

  1. Unlimited number of fans
  2. Send private message to fans who already sent a message to your Page
  3. Administration of multiple Pages if desired
  4. Installation of Apps for extra features
  5. Collect email addresses for newsletter
  6. Check-in – function
  7. Advertising
  8. Scheduling posts
  9. Targeting posts
  10. Monitor statistics

By having a Page for your business you are also following Facebook rules regarding  commercial use and you don’t risk a shutdown of your personal Profile.

I hope this gave you a little better understanding of why you should get a Page for your business and not use your personal Profile.

Your turn , what reasons did I forget ?

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