Welcome to Kindbo Marketing & Communication. We are here to help businesses attract more customers through the web, increase sales and profitability.

My name is Eva Synnergren and I run Kindbo. I am a  web designer, digital strategist and marketer. My passion is to figure out how to make your business grow and becoming more profitable.

Our focus is to make your online presence and website to your best marketing- and conversion machine, attracting customers, communicate value and generates REAL business.

I work in a network of experts in graphic design, copy writers and search engine optimization. All in order for us to meet your unique business needs.

Since February 2016, I am WP Elevation Certified Digital Business Consultant. WP Elevation is a global mastermind group that continuously educates and develops the members of digital communication to meet our customers’ needs and specific requests. The network makes it possible to solve almost all online communication tasks.

I teach and educate in digital marketing and WordPress and regularly host webinars for entrepreneurs in various related topics.

A little about my background 

I started Kindbo in 2004. Prior to that I worked many years with marketing in the pharmaceutical industry. There I gained experience from products in all phases of the product life cycle – from launch to maturation phase. I have had assignments for a range of global companies to solopreneurs.

The work has included making marketing plans, developing strategies and tactics, market analysis, dealing with different customer segments and training of sales personnel.  I have been on an interesting and educational journey and I want to share my experiences with you and your company.

As a small business, I’ve come to find many smart and cost-effective solutions, both in terms of digital tools and online marketing.

Thank you for stopping by. If you need help or are curious about what we can do for you – let me know.

I am here to help!

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Eva Synnergren

Eva Synnergren

Web designer, digital strategist, marketeer and owner

Certified Digital Business Consultant

Certified Digital Business Consultant

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