Facebook - 3 tips to increase traffic

3 Tips on How to Increase Traffic to your Facebook Page

“To exist, you have to be seen.”

This is the truth for all businesses and the main reason for any business owner to make an effort to interact with customers in social media like Facebook. Everything we post on our fan pages are on the terms of the reader – unless the reader finds it interesting or fun, there will be no likes or interactions and we will remain invisible.

But writing interesting posts is quite hard work – don’t you agree?

So here are some tips on how you can succeed with focus on

• images
• content
• timing


An image quickly creates emotions and if you are the reader you right away sense if you want to get more involved in the post or not – if you want to like , share or comment.

Most popular are funny pictures and animal photos.

Roliga hästar







What kind of images you can use for your fan page depends on your audience and what feeling you want to convey with your company.

Try to surprise – but stick to your style and your audience.

Facebook Marketing Kindbo






With photos you can communicate a specific message, create engagement and awareness. You can also put the message into the picture.

If the picture gets shared – it’s bingo !

If you want to share a link on your fan page, make sure that the link also is shows with an image.

Summary: Show images!


“Content is king “

When you write the text to your posts, have a thought about who your target audience/customer is. What does your customers already know about you and your product and what do they want to learn?

In what way do you want to communicate with your customers and what language and tone is proper for this particular audience? Once you have decided this, stick to it.

You’ve probably already identified a number of keywords for your business. Use your keywords also when writing on Facebook. Google is looking in your Facebook postings as well.

Write short and crisp, but vary with longer posts. The longer posts often lead to more interaction and the shorter ones might get more likes.  Style, creativity and surprise are keywords.

And yes, you may ask for likes and comments.  And ask your questions.

Summary: Communicate with your chosen language and tone and do not forget the images.


Timing of posts

TimeAre you like me,  one of those who open up Facebook directly in the morning ? If so, you are not alone. Between  6 to 8 am the first digital peak occurs. The next one is late at night at 11 pm. Kim Garst who blogs about social media, says that the time when the largest number of interacting with Facebook posts are weekends and afternoons – and nights between 14:00 to 5:00 .
The next question is – how often do you need to get a post out there?

If you imagine that a posted message is much like an ad in a magazine – maybe you’ll see it – or just scroll past it. Therefore you need to make several posts before your audience actually gets their eyes on it. Some believe that you should limit the number of posts to 2-3 times/day.

Once you have posted your message, about half of those who wish to interact have done so within the first hour. After 9 hours your post have received 90 % of all likes.

Summary: Post frequently, ideally between 6:00-8:00 am or 2:00 pm-5:00 am and during weekends.

These were some tips from me. What’s yours?

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