Marketing Challange – Interview with Johanna Isberg

In my work, I often meet glorious entrepreneurs that are just starting up or who are already running a business. They have interesting stories and exciting products and it is a privilege to follow their path on the market.

I will interview some of them here on my blog. First up is Johanna Isberg who invented a clever tool for the interpretation of electrocardiograms. Read more

Writing for the web - engage - keep it short and avoide pitfalls

How to write for the Web – Part 2

Engage, keep it short and avoid pitfalls

This is the second part of the art of writing for the web. In Part 1, I wrote about how the reader can quickly skim text on the web for something of interest, and that I only have about 3-4 seconds for me to catch the reader’s interest. In this part, I focus on engagement, language, text length, and how to avoid common pitfalls. Read more